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September 18, 2019
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See what your bracelet lines say about you

Our appearance says a lot about us whether these are natural attributes or our own grooming. From the lines on our hands to the lines on our arms i.e. the bracelet lines, everything attributes to our personality. Here are the things our bracelet lines can tell about us,

The number of bracelet lines you have supposedly dictate how long your life is!

The first bracelet line. Metaphysics Knowledge says that the first line which is unbroken points towards 23-28 years of lifespan. Likewise, a deep first line represents good health, while an unclear one shows recklessness.

The second bracelet line. If you can see your second bracelet line, you will probably last at least until you are 46 years old and you might go as far as 56-year-old. A straight second line often means being prosperous and happy.

The third bracelet line. If you can see a third bracelet line, then you will probably live for at least 69 years and go as far as a remarkable 84 years. Having an unbroken third line means being influential.

The elusive fourth bracelet line. If you can see a fourth bracelet line, you’ll most likely live as long as 85 years and beyond. That’s amazing. Also, a fourth unbroken line would mean that you will get more support in terms of fame.

The most common number of bracelet lines. If you’re wondering, there are typically 2 to 3 bracelet lines found on each person.