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August 21, 2019
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Ten amazing facts about Aircrafts

Aircrafts have always been the source of curiosity for us. Here are a few amazing facts about aircrafts you must know,

A window frame or a windshield from a cockpit of a Boeing 747-400 is expensive as a BMW. A unit of Boeing 747-400 itself costs $234–266.5 million.

All pilots of a plane are not allowed to eat the same food. This measure protects passengers from a situation when all pilots and copilots get sick from food poisoning during a flight.

Aircrafts can actually fly without pilots. Technically they are advanced enough to perform flights without human control, but it seems people want to participate and be important. However none of two types of control (machine’s or human) are 100% safe.

The longest military craft is C-5 – its length is comparable with 6-storey building. The smallest jet is BD-5 Micro, its mass is only 358 pounds.

Bar Nann is a town that used to be an airport. Until 1952 this American town was an airport that finally relocated leaving a good spot for development.

The largest of the world aircrafts is the Antonov AN-225 cargo jet. It is practically as large as a football field.

It is safer to sit in a tail of a plane than its front.  Your chances to survive are 40% higher if you choose a seat in a tail (according to “Popular Mechanics”).

That little black box does not necessarily survive in a crash. It is also made of steel just like a plane itself. But it could be easily crushed by the weight of a craft if it crashes.

Oxygen mask won’t help you longer than 15 minutes. But don’t worry too much, it is actually enough for an aircraft to reach the altitude low enough for breathing.

Mercury is strictly forbidden on a plane. Even the tiniest amount of mercury is a big threat to aluminum an airplane is made from.