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August 19, 2019
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Fmous anchorperson Sana Bucha leaves Geo News again

ISLAMABAD: Famous anchorperson Sana Bucha, who got height of success through program “Lakin” left Geo News network again, TheNewsTribe.com reported. 

Sana Bucha has joined ARY News as a anchor and she will come on screen after long period as she was disappeared from screen after marriage.

In August 2015, she joined the Geo News again as Executive Director for Special Projects but not host any show at Pakistan’s most famous Channel.

Sana Bucha left Geo News in 2012 due to personal issue with the news channel. She was host of famous show “Lakin.”

In 2013 she joined “Dunya News” and started the program “Yaqee.” Sana Bucha’s new show will be televised in the end of this month.

Sana Bucha played leading role in Hassan Rana’s movie “Yalghaar’. She will be the first news anchor to play leading role in Pakistani film.