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October 18, 2019
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Five ways to strengthen your self-esteem

The older we get, more confident or say esteemed we become. But modern life does not let us doing so. It’s a place which hosts contradiction, criticism and even the praise here is a blend of satire and sarcasm. So, in such place one needs to strengthen his or her self-esteem.

Here are a few ways of doing so,

Avoid fat talk

This is a horrid habit we all have -seeing who has lost or gained weight, who looks good or not. This isn’t helping you or the other person to boost their self-image. Change the conversation and focus on how the person is doing on the inside. A perfect body or haircut doesn’t necessarily mean someone is happy.

Stop the self-criticism

We can all be our own harshest judge: our nose is too big; our forehead too wrinkly; we didn’t say the right thing to our children or messed up in a work meeting. We would never talk to our friends or loved ones the way we talk to ourselves. What’s the solution, you ask? Work on ignoring the negative critic in your own head.

Love yourself dearly

True confidence comes from accepting every part of who you are. So, learn to love every bit of you. The world of media and fashion can make you feel inadequate. But no one is perfect.Not even famous stars like Nicole Kidman, Angelia Jolie and Victoria Beckham, who are open about having doubted themselves.

Steer clear of social media

So, you went online and saw pictures of your friend from school looking like a million bucks and letting her hair down at the fanciest bar in the city? The edited highlights of someone’s life can reduce your self-esteem significantly. If you’re feeling low, try taking a break from social networks for a while. Log off and focus on the pleasures in your own life -hot chocolate, anyone?

Get some exercise

Many of us avoid sporting activities because we don’t like what we look like in a leotard or running shorts -but that’s all in our head. Find the activity you enjoy -swimming, yoga, zumba, tennis, dancing or karate -and there is great reward when you see yourself making progress. Playing a sport and getting some exercise can boost morale.