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September 22, 2019
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Five ways to build confidence at work

Office is an intimidating place for many of us and so we may lack confidence in our work place. Here are a few ways to build confidence,

Get out of the comfort zone

Sticking close to what you know seems like common sense when it comes to not rocking the boat at work and looking like a fool when you fail, but getting outside of your comfort zone is actually what makes you more confident in your abilities.

Shun away negative self-talks

Mistakes happen, and we’re all constantly in the middle of a learning experience. Because of that, you should take any mishaps at an easy pace, promising to learn from your errors rather than bullying yourself over making any. If negative self-talk enters the picture, ping pong it away and replace it with a kinder, more understanding dialogue.

Use criticism

Rather than letting criticism tear you down a couple of pegs, use it as a confidence builder by vowing to work on those weak points that were exposed.

Keep learning

Not knowing how things work or how projects are supposed to be played out can make you feel on shaky ground. Because of that, if you’re constantly polishing new skills, learning industry moves, and keeping up with news and tips, you’ll feel well informed and better prepared, which makes you feel more confident.

Speak up

The words we use play a big part in what we believe we can and can’t achieve. Because of that, make sure you’re not using limiting vocabulary when describing your performance or abilities.