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September 22, 2019
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Five useful things to do while job hunting

If your job hunting comprises applying for jobs and sleeping then you are doing it all wrong. There are some useful or more accurately some productive things you should do along with hunting.

Here are some of these,

Buff Those Skills on the Resume

You have nowhere to be this whole afternoon, this whole, day, this whole week so take advantage of it! Go down your resume and see what skills you can buff with new courses, books, or seminars, and get to updating. Or even better yet, take this time to fill the holes you didn’t have time to work on while you were doing the nine to five grind.

Networking like It’s Your Job

Speaking of getting out of the house, you need to start networking like your life depended on it. Yes, it might be awkward to crash an event where people stand around in pencil skirts and eat finger foods while they talk shop, but the more connections you make the easier it will be to find your next dream job. Think about it: It’s a lot easier to get an interview when somebody personally recommends you than it is sending a resume via an email.

Strengthen Your Portfolio

If you feel like it’s been weeks since you got a decent call-back, it might be time to do some free work in order to beef up your portfolio and gain relevant experience.

Start a Blog

If you take your down time as a chance to become a known expert in your field, you can only imagine how excited employers would be to meet you at the interview. Create a blog and start gathering a community where you report on and discuss what’s happening in the industry, asserting yourself as a key player.

Get Organized

Job searches are messy beasts, so you need to make sure you’re keeping track of everyone you’ve reached out to and giving yourself tasks and reminders to touch back with them in order to make any real progress. Don’t leave it all up to chance what are the odds you’ll get a call back to your dream job without a little bit of elbow grease?