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August 24, 2019
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Seven Google Apps you must know about

Most of us have not acknowledged some of the major cool stuff about Google as the company is a mammoth. It is so giant that many of us have missed several apps which may have been our favorite otherwise. Here are some of these apps that you must know,

Google Scholar

If you’re doing research for something important, it’s probably not the best idea to rely on the user-generated information you’ll find on Wikipedia. Try Google Scholar instead and you’ll be able to search only more reputable sources like medical journals, patents and legal documents.

Google Translate

You may have heard of this but it has become now a mobile app as well. Moreover, the company has added tons of new functionality, making the app one of the most helpful travel tools on the planet. You can speak into the app and have your translated words spoken aloud, you can point the camera at signs and have the text translated on screen, and so much more. And best of all, it’s free.

Project Sunroof

This is a terrific tool that uses Google Earth imagery to tell you whether or not your site is a good candidate for solar panel installation on your roof. It can also tell with the help of the site address and local weather patterns, the money you can save by installing the solar panels.


This well-designed site lets you explore the world through the eyes of complete strangers. It plots user-captured photos on a world map, giving you a completely unique perspective on things.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to remotely connect to your computer from a smartphone or tablet. You will then see your computer’s screen on your mobile device and you can control it from anywhere in the world.

All you need to do to use it is install the Chrome Remote Desktop plugin for Windows or Mac from the Chrome web store, and then install one of the company’s free mobile apps.

Who’s Down

This app is invite-only for the time being and it’s a new way for friends in the same area to get together spontaneously.

From the app’s description: “Instantly see which of your friends are free to hang out, right when you are. With one slider, let your friends know you’re down to hang out. Start a chat and get together. It’s that simple.”

One Today

Google’s One Today app is an awesome way to support a wide range of nonprofit charities. The app highlights different charities each day and makes it simple to support them with a small donation.