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September 20, 2019
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This is how your belongings are stolen at airport

Protecting your belongings on airport is the major headache when you arrive at the site. But you do not know the trick thieves use to steal and you become satisfied after placing a code lock on your suitcase.

But your branded lock or code lock fails to secure luggage at most busiest airports around the world.

A smart thief never requires lock’s code to empty the bag in few seconds. As he does not even tries to break the lock. Because he has less time to commit the crime.

Airport security allows passengers and security staff to carry a ball pen. The thief breaks the zip using sharp ball pen knob. Hence, strong lock goes waste.

Ball pen cracks the bags zip, which finally leads to steal costly items inside. Once the thief opens the bag, he makes the best use of the moment and grab whatever he wants.

Just by arranging the zip with lock left and right makes the bag sealed again. The passenger don’t even get to know that the theft has been successfully done.

Be clear about thieves. They are clever and smart enough to crack your bags zip.

Small suitcase or bags without zips are best, if you are carrying something precious. Self-security will help you to secure costly luggage. Check your lock and bag before it’s too late.