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August 26, 2019
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Six interesting facts about Jackie Chan

Here are some of the most interesting facts that even Jackie Chan’s diehard fans probably did not know:

He is scared of needles and public speaking. His mastery in the martial arts and his willingness to do death-defying action sequences would prove no match when you expose him to needles or make him speak before a large audience. He will surely get goosebumps.

He has faced blackmailing. When Jackie’s mentor and friend Willie Chan transferred to Golden Harvest Films and left the Lo Wei Motion Picture Company, Jackie was determined to follow suit. This prompted Lo Wei to resort to desperate measures to keep his lead star from departing from the filming of Fearless Hyena Part II, which was then being shot. Lo Wei used his connections with the Hong Triad to harass, intimidate, and blackmail Jackie Chan and keep him from transferring to Golden Harvest. Chan finished the film, then tried, unsuccessfully, to block its release.

He does not play villains. Chan’s film portrayals have hewed closely with the genre which he seemed to have invented, the action-comedic genre.

He has no insurance when he is in America. Chan is known to make all his stunts himself. He does not believe in getting a double or another stuntman for the more perilous action sequences. Because of this, no American insurance company has ever agreed nor offered him any life insurance.

Jackie Chan speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, English, German, and even the American Sign Language. He also knows some Spanish, Thai, Japanese, and Korean.

He is an acclaimed singer. Long before there was K Pop, Canto Pop produced the biggest names in Hong Kong’s recording industry such as, Jackie Cheung, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, and yes  Jackie Chan, whose albums and singles have earned gold and multi-platinum status in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries.