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September 20, 2019
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Five creative ways to write your resume

Job hunting is all about persuading the employers that you are worth that job. So, you need to be creative in order to be prominent among other potential candidates. So here are some creative ways for resume writing,

Instead of using the same word or phrase-clichés on your resume you can give it a twist and create a different set of section settings and titles that aren’t so common and boring:

The Five-Year-Plan

Now this is something employers don’t come across very often when they look at resumes. Your ‘Five-Year Plan’ could be another way to explain your career objective and can work as a career summary. Since it sounds more specific, it helps employers understand where you are heading career-wise and how you see yourself in the future.

Work Experience

As opposed to ‘Employment’, the heading ‘Work Experience’ sounds more informal, nevertheless it can be effective. That’s because it says exactly what employers want to see in this section; your experience on the job. Also, it’s more straightforward, sounds friendlier and helps recruiters understand what this section refers to without much effort, which is convenient considering they don’t spend much time on each resume.

Professional Training

There are many ways to describe the education section on your resume or even simply call it ‘Education’. But, that’s just too plain. When talking about your educational qualifications, you can refer to these as your ‘Professional Training’ which is nothing else but the truth.

Areas of Expertise

You can use this section heading to explain your professional skills in more depth. Here you can talk about the technical skills that you possess, professional certifications or any kind of special training that you’ve had that could make you a more competent candidate for the job.


In this section you should mention any awards or recognition you have gained including any distinctions, publications or projects that you’ve completed. If you have more work experience you can talk about how your contribution helped the company to develop and give some more specific examples.