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November 20, 2019
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Five tips important for throat care

As the season is changing, many of us are having throat problems. Here are a few tips to care for our throat.

Avoid sharing your cup or glass

We often tend to share cups and glasses. Whether it is morning coffee or a cup lying next to the dispenser. This is a major route of transmission of bacteria from person to person. At all times avoid using cups at public dispensers, sharing cups and other utensils with friends and even family.

Tooth brush

Tooth brush is another major source of infection that we can put straight into our mouth. Left overnight lots of bacteria can accumulate and colonize your tooth brush without you having any idea. The best way to clean your tooth brush is to soak it into a cup of salt water before using it. This is the easiest and effective way of disinfecting your toothbrush. Merely running it under tap water is not enough.

Salt Water

Salt water is great for disinfecting your throat. It can prevent an upcoming infection and can also be used to relive symptoms of infection after it has concurred. A pinch of salt in warm water can be used to gargle every night. Make sure you spit it out as swallowing will take the bacteria to your gut instead of out of your mouth. Salt water is known to be a timeless remedy for sore throat and stuffy nose symptoms.

Honey and Ginger

These two kitchen ingredients are great for protecting your throat all day. Extracting ginger juice can get time consuming in the morning therefore it is better to keep a jar full ready for a week. Fresh ginger juice or boiled water with ginger and 5ml honey can be used for gargle every morning after brushing. Similarly, ½ cup of hot water with turmeric or cayenne powder can also be really helpful in protecting your throat. This is especially useful for professionals and teachers.

Vocal Warm Up

Your voice plays great role in building your personality. Professionals such as singers, actors and teachers need to have clear voice to deliver their message. Daily vocal warm ups are a great way to enhance your vocals. These warm up exercises include buzzing or humming on comfortable tones. Yawning too is an excellent warm up for the voice