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November 18, 2019
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Tips to handle social awkwardness

In these times, when the candid and live wires rule the world, socially awkward people are left out generally.

Basically being socially awkward implies that you are uncomfortable with hanging around with people. According to the psychologists, “It’s a milder form of social anxiety. When the concern magnifies to an extent that it begins to interfere with daily life, it becomes a phobia, also known as social anxiety.”

What causes it?

In one word, social inexperience. An individual who hasn’t had enough experience with social situations while growing up can develop it. It happens when one or both parents are social novices.

Personality type

“A lot of introverts are socially awkward,” says psychologist. “Extroverts can be awkward too, but have the ability to ease in and out of situations – it comes naturally to them. For introverts, this ease itself poses a challenge. The lower the confidence levels, the higher the chances of social anxiety.”


Intellectually-gifted people are, at times, social awkward too. Mostly because they may have had difficulty relating to their peers while growing up.