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September 15, 2019
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Six routine activities that reveal a lot about personality

Human kind is facing great many problems when it comes to interaction. But the main problem would definitely be figuring out other people around you.

Is it so difficult? Well, not if you can understand the minor signs and then try to interpret the person sitting in front of you. It’s not rocket science but it’s something that generally people lack. Here are some small signs that can reveal a lot about a person’s personality.

Favorite genre of books

Books shape your personality and according to the book you read, your personality can differ. Like fictional readers are more of daydreamers, and they like to stay in a fantasy world. People who are interested in historical subjects tend to be perfectionists and pay attention to details. On the other hand, if you’re into classics, you are a wise person.

Your hands

If you have square shaped palms and short fingers, you are likely to be loyal and kind towards people you love, but you struggle with expressing your emotions. On the other hand, people with shorter or irregular shaped palms tend to be more aggressive, fierce and crave for attention. People with narrow palms and long fingers are emotional, sensitive and highly artistic. Also, people with rectangular palms and long fingers are very analytical and rationalize with things easily.

How often you check your phone

Studies report that constantly checking your phone or staying in touch with social media indicates that you’re moody and need a continuous uplift.

Whether you make eye contact or not

Studies suggest that people usually reduce eye contact when they are lying or talking about something embarrassing. If a person maintains a good amount of eye contact while speaking, they are confident and do well socially.

The shoes you wear

If you’re wearing comfortable shoes, you’re probably a calm person who doesn’t get into many disagreements. The aggressive lot can prefer to wear ankle boots or heels, and the clingy or anxious people like to maintain a classy standard in their footwear.

Your handshake

A firm handshake indicates that you are confident and strong. Weak handshakes indicate insecurity and lack of confidence.