Hindi-Urdu fusion in unique calligraphic art

Islamabad: A unique linguistic cum calligraphic art book, Samrup Rachna – Calligraphic Expression of Apni Boli [Hindi-Urdu] was launched at the Mother Languages Literature Festival held at the Lok Virsa, Islamabad, on 20 February 2016.

An expression of immense love with Hindi and Urdu, “Ápni Boli” by Dr. Syed Mohammed Anwer contains over 60 visual impressions of words with cultural connotations created out of the Hindi Devanagari script and the Urdu Nastaliq script.

Beautifully presented in hardback form the book is as much a socio-political comment as a coffee table art book. Dr. Anwer learnt the Devanagari script from his mother. The two scripts are essentially “the same language, written differently” as explained by the artist’s mother.


The purpose of the Book is to highlight the fact that association of any language or its script with any particular religion is a fundamental mistake. Language has no religion. The book can also be used as ‘easy-to-learn’ book for the ‘other’ script of Apni Boli [Hindi-Urdu] by its speakers.

Author Dr. Anwer, when asked to share his views about his book said,  “My interest in calligraphy of the scripts of my own language (‘Apni Boli’), initiated in childhood, led to the study of my own culture and society (‘Apna Samaj’), which culminated in an art form after so many decades. It was not a planned work or project, it just happened.

The author an advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and is a PhD in human rights from Punjab University. The polymath is also an active member of the civil society and has remained elected President of Islamabad Bar Association. He has also written books on human rights, women’s emancipation and other social issues.

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