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November 20, 2019
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Foods to avoid before wedding

Wedding is one of the important event of one’s life. So, everyone needs it to go smoothly without any tension. Here are a few foods that to-be-bride or groom should abstain from eating,

Pakora/ Samosa – Oil Loaded Food

Oil-loaded food is generally considered to be our favorite snacks or on-the-go tit bits. But a month before your wedding day, put an end to all these cravings and avoid eating those pakoras, samosa and rolls. I know your anxiety must be on the peak, but try to control it some other way because you do not want to get pimples at this point in your life. Instead, go for some fresh fruits and nuts for healthy options.

Sweets, Chocolates- Sugar Fun

I know eating all those sugary chocolates and desserts is a bliss, but is certainly a big NO to-be-bride/groom before their big day. NO, you don’t want to destroy your teeth and that perfect figure that you’ve been struggling for since ages. Portion control is the best remedy. If you are a fan of chocolates, go for dark chocolate. That wouldn’t hurt your waistline and will go easy on your adrenaline.

Imli, Khatary- Sourness blast

Who wants to be voiceless on their big day? I guess no one, but girls love sour things and when they are happy how can they say no to sour food? Just give a thought before getting your hands on imili and stuff, you will be voiceless on your day. Say a big no to all this.

Junk Food

Cousins at home, it’s actually a party scene every other night before weeks of your wedding.  When we have those spicy fries, cheesy pizza, big zinger and garlic dips in front of us who cares about the weight, until you don’t get fit in your wedding dress. Wouldn’t it be a disaster? Control your cravings and don’t even think about eating junk. Try out some quick salads and sandwiches instead.

Dairy Products

It’s a common myth in our society that before your wedding day you need to drink tons of milk in order to be strong. But excessive intake of dairy products may lead to bloating, gas and cramps. You can have it but control the size.