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December 6, 2019
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Baby dolphin dies while passing it around by selfie-taking tourists

A baby dolphin died accidentally on a beach in Argentina while passing it around by a group of tourists in order to take selfies with it.

Television reports said that “It was still being passed around by the beachgoers after its death and was later left discarded in the sand.”

The World Wildlife Fund, Argentina chapter, released a statement in which it was said that this species of dolphin — the Franciscana or La Plata, as it is called — is vulnerable for extinction.

It added that the potential of recovery of this species is very low. Interestingly, instead of scolding, the WWF used the incident as a teaching moment.

“The occasion serves to inform the public about the urgent need to return to these dolphins to sea before the encounter with one on the shore,” the statement read (originally in Spanish, translated here via Google).

The Argentinian WWF tweeted “If you see a Franciscana dolphin, help to return it to the water.