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October 21, 2019
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Here are myths about metabolism busted

Here are a few myths regarding metabolism that are nothing but myth.

Myth 1: Eating six small meals daily at pre-decided intervals increases metabolism

There aren’t real benefits from this as the effect of eating three big meals a day instead of six small ones is almost equal. Rather one should watch out for caloric intake at such times. “There’s nothing like six small meals will trigger your metabolism into a gear which will start shredding your fat. Three moderate meals which measure up to the right caloric intake for the individual will do the same. Including physical activity cannot be by passed,” says Dr R Kiran, a city-based dietician.

Myth 2: Metabolism slows down with age

Metabolism does slow down due to reduced muscle mass but this is at a very small level. Dr. Amrapali Patil, weight management expert says, “Those who have been engaged in physical activity adequately and have a healthy lifestyle and eating habits will hardly feel this difference.”

Myth 3: Fasting slows metabolism

Only extreme fasting does this. In fact, fasting once or twice in a week keeps the system clean and actually helps boost metabolism.

Myth 4: Strenuous exercise boosts metabolism

Adequate amount of exercise based on the caloric requirements and lifestyle of the individual helps in providing good metabolism. Excess as well as strenuous exercise harms in the long run with no added benefits.