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September 17, 2019
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Valentines Day: #Saynotovalentinesday becomes top trend in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Valentine’s day usually considered a fun, an occasion to celebrate your love, moment of expression, etc; but on other hand majority of people think it is nothing but an event to violate basic human ethics, values and make every single girl more vulnerable in front of many others.

These perceptions became a very hot topic in Pakistan when, Twitter, a micro blogging website comes up with #SayNoToValentinesDay as top trend. As a social networking platform, Twitter usually considered as a platform to discuss political and other developments as top trends but today a social, or you can say an economy related issue, Valentine’s Day, captured the top slot with #saynotovalentinesday.

People who oppose the occasion believe that being a true and practicing Muslim Valentine’s Day must not be celebrated to keep the self-respect of others, especially girls safe and secure. These also argue that the event is nothing but totally against of basic human ethics, moral values and social structure. While on the other hand, many who support the idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day claim that spreading love and happiness is the basic motivation to celebrate the occasion.

It is worth mentioning here that the debate took place on very high level as President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain in his recent speech termed Valentine’s Day, an event of “western culture” and said it’s totally against the Islam and Pakistani culture.

It is very clear that, as a muslim valentines day must not be celebrated but if we look at the other end of the thread, Pakistani nation is following western culture in many aspects of their daily lives due to which a hot debate between pro valentines day and those who who are against it has started on twitter.

Here are few tweets which show taunts to those who are single and against Valentines day.

But huge number of Pakistan Twitterati went too hard against the valentines day celebrations, here are few examples of that which are against it and want to spread their message #Saynotovalentinesday worldwide.