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October 15, 2019
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Pakistan Punjab

College alarmed over police-dacoits fire exchange in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: Intense firing between Police and car Dacoits left Waqar un Nisa girls college in Rawalpindi terrified on Wednesday. 

The firing left the students terrified as many suspected their college was stormed by militants. Pakistan Army contingents reached the college within minutes, responding to the fire.

At least six students, fearing the apparent oncoming, fell unconscious. However, a search operation is underway in the area to not catch the dacoits but to clear doubts of the panicked locals also.

Police opened fire while chasing the culprits that panicked passers-by among others at the scene.

The incident has come in after around 20 days of an attack on Bacha Khan University in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s (KP) Charsadda.
The attack had claimed 21 lives including a PhD professor.