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November 22, 2019
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Seven effective tricks that will keep your clothes new

Here are a few hacks that will keep your clothes as new as they were when you bought them,

Use a razor to remove the knots and fuzz on the surface of your sweater Do it gently. Don’t scrape hard. Re-stretch the shrunken clothes by using baby shampoo. Did T-shirt shrink just after one wash? Do not panic or be disappointed. Just soak it in warm water and add some baby shampoo to it. Let it soak for a few hours and then remove it, rinse it and stretch it out before air-drying it outside.

Put cold water in your shoes to expand them to the size that is comfortable for you. When you get the perfect pair of shoes and somehow they are a bit tight, do not panic and return them. Fill a plastic bag full of water and put the bags inside the shoes. Put the shoes overnight in the fridge.

When water is cooled, it expands and so will the shoes.

Wear your leather jacket in the rain so that they fit your body perfectly. Leather molds to a different shape when it is wet. Go into the rain once wearing your leather jacket. It will automatically take the shape of your body after it dries.

DON’T wash your Levis jeans. Jeans are not supposed to be washed. And this was recommended by Levis himself. The characteristic blue color will never fade completely as they do when they are washed regularly.

Not washing them a lot gives them the aesthetically right faded look.

And if they smell because you are not washing them, put them in the freezer overnight. Put the jeans in a plastic zip lock and put them in the freezer overnight. That will take care of the smell.

And if you really want to wash them, add some vinegar in the last cycle of the machine wash. Use distilled vinegar in the washing machine during the last cycle of washing the jeans. It will prevent them from additional discoloring.

Spray some water on the clothes and shake them vigorously to remove wrinkles. Do this when you do not have the time to iron or the will to do it either.