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August 26, 2019
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Five tips to deal with a nasty boss

There are numerous pressures in a job but the worst form of pressure in work life is to have a boss or senior who is unreasonable and impertinent. If you have a boss who is oblivious to your issues and imposes unrealistic goals on his or her co-workers, then you need to act tactfully.

Here are a few effective ways to deal with such monster.

Don’t appear to be overly pleasing. Sure he or she may be overly demanding but you can stand you own ground. Be polite but firm.

Learn to analyze the situation. Go back over the communication and figure out how it sounded, if it was rude, was there any intent to hurt you, personally?

Respond in the right manner. Come up with solutions rather than expressing your own anger back. This will just increase your own stress.

List out your own priorities and work around that. It’s only when you value your own life and time, that he or she will do the same.

Keep a distance, too. Respect is fine, but don’t get too friendly as that may not be appreciated.