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November 22, 2019
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How long should you Refrigerate eggs?

Eggs are predominant part of almost every human’s diet. They are versatile packages of vitamins, proteins and a big range of minerals. I know a lot of people dumb the egg carton while bringing them home and preserve the eggs in egg caddy column that is already present in the refrigerator.

But these eggs along with doing good can a way do bad to us. Know how long do they last.

Eggs Are Perishable

Eggs are stapled component in a meal. They are liable to rot. So few people think of storing them in a freezer and few in an egg carton. But it’s very much necessary to handle and store them properly to keep them fresh.

Should Eggs Be Stored In Fridge?

There is always an argument if keeping the eggs in refrigerator good or not. Eggs can be stored in fridge but not at its door or in plastic caddy provided as it may change its temperature, so if you wish to keep the eggs in fridge, keep them in the fridge’s main body to keep its temperature consistent.

Controversy about Eggs

Actually, the Americans support keeping eggs in fridge and others think that eggs must be kept in finished egg cartons. But the study has proved that eggs can be stored inside or outside fridge but below 20 degrees Celsius.

Salmonella, Bacteria in Eggs

There is a risk of bacteria called Salmonella which may be found in eggs if they are not kept at a constant temperature. So for avoiding health risks and egg flavor, it is recommended to keep them at a constant temperature in the fridge or below 20C.

 Always check date on eggs

Check the sell-by date, in case if given. The sell-by date should not exceed 45 days the packaging date.