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November 15, 2019
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Six ways to deal with someone having depression

Seeing your loved one in depression is not an easy thing but you need to take the person out of this condition. Furthermore, you will need a lot of patience to cope with the mood swings, rantings, long periods of silence etc. do not get harsh with them.

Here are a few things you should do in this situation,

Remind them of their achievements

Tell them that they have come a long way and remind them about their milestones. Talk to them about how courageous they were during a trip or the time they bagged a promotion. This will really boost their self-esteem and will make them feel better.

Get out of the ‘tough love’ phase

Tough love never soothes the depressed. They need love expressed openly. Being rude is not going to help; instead, it will make matters worse.

 Don’t make it about yourself

Sometimes to make them feel better, you might start talking about yourself and about your own struggles. However, that won’t be helping them out as they won’t be in a mood to hear about you.

Listen to them

Be there. That’s all they need. A person who will listen to them and not judge them. They will try to tell you how crazy, sad, and de-motivated they feel. You have to patiently lend your ear and speak only when you’re asked to.

A sweet gesture will make them feel special

Getting them flowers, baking a cake for them, or buying them something they have wanted will cheer them up.

Stop offering advice

They are not seeking your advice, but they might be seeking your guidance. Don’t be a mother. Be a friend instead.