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October 21, 2019
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School suspends a boy for the stupidest reason ever

WASHINGTON- Saving the life of a human being may be noble cause for you but it is not important than rules as depicted by school authorities.

According to the international media, a very strange incident took place in the Gateway Middle School, where the authorities are ‘so strict’ in following the rules that nothing else matters.

15-year-old Anthony Ruelas is currently in eighth grade. Not long ago, one of his classmates started gasping and gagging for air, as she was asthmatic.

The girl continued to struggle for 3 minutes. When no one helped her out even when she fell off her seat, Anthony took the matters in his own hands and helped her to the nurse’s office where she received the necessary medical attention.

The unbelievable part of this is not that the teacher did nothing to help the girl but that Anthony was suspended from school for two days.

Because he left the class without the permission of teacher.

Mandy, the boy’s mother couldn’t believe the action taken by the school. “Especially with it being an alternative school I feel like the kids hear enough of ‘they’re bad’ or their behavior, or you know, and for them to not be rewarded for really something that is brave, ya know, he is a hero to me,”

Two days suspension did not bring down the spirits of this young brave man. He said that he will do the same thing all over again if given the chance.