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September 19, 2019
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Seven mistakes you must avoid when applying for a job

When you graduate and pass out from university, you step on a new, different road from then on. You are supposed to do job hunting now. There are a few things to consider before you kick-start on applying for jobs.

Here are the things you should avoid,

Making things up in your resume

You probably played basketball once in your school and then went ahead and put it in your list of achievements in your resume.

Do not make things up so that your resume looks impressive. Obviously, your interviewer will not whisk you away to a basketball court to crosscheck, but lies always come out in the end.

Faking work experience when you have none

The pain of lacking work experience is unreasonable because you literally just graduated, and it is reasonable because most of the companies out there ask for work experience in their list of requirements. But companies have really updated their verification game. Some companies even hire third party companies whose sole job is to investigate if your work experience is legit or not.

Don’t do it. You might get blacklisted forever.

Getting a job through personal references

Personal references are good for getting a job, but come with incredible liability. You have no scope of learning and grooming there as you would have special treatment.

Get into your first job on your own caliber. After you build a good resume that reflects on your ability, you can get jobs through personal references, since now you have a good skill.

Bad grammar and spelling mistakes in your resume and application form

Grammatical errors are irritating and sometimes even confusing. Your resume and application form is almost like the first formal introduction, and like in every conversation you have.

Keep it simple

Have a look at this, “I am a thematic philatelist and numismatist.”

Do not write or speak things that require the recruiters to have a thesaurus and a dictionary at his/her side.

Don’t elaborate too much

Do not over-extend when you are asked to speak in an interview. The interviewer has not all day to listen to you.

Keep it simple and brief.

Dirty resumes

It doesn’t look like it happens a lot, but many recruiters complain that people hand in resume’s with smudges and food marks on them.

This is a sign that you were not careful when you handed the resume and their application form. Always keep your hands neat when you are filling up these forms, or for that matter when you go to an interview.