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August 25, 2019
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Five resume mistakes people usually make

Qualification is not sufficient alone when it comes to apply for a job. A lot depends upon how you convince your employer to select you and only you. This persuading and convincing is done by your resume.

So, these are the mistakes you should not make if you want to bag your dream job.

Recruiters look out for detailed work experience and failing to furnish details about your past experiences doesn’t show well. While interviewing you they might not be able to test your skills but what you’ve done previously reflects on your skill sets. Mention your key responsibility areas and achievements. Don’t overdo it, though.

Be specific about your educational qualifications – your institution, course and period. Additional information like participation and excellence in extracurricular activities, excellence in a particular area six be mentioned as well.

Don’t lie. While your documents shall serve half the purpose, the world is round and cross checking shall make up for the other half.

Don’t ramble about your fears. It not only makes you come across as braggacious but overstating creates a wrong impression.

Don’t use short forms. We’re in the habit of using it in our daily communication, thanks to social media, but it’s glaring to see its usage professionally. Same is the case with spelling mistakes.