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September 16, 2019
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Who is the better leader at workplace? Man or Woman?

Feminism is in full swing these days, so these kinds of debates are quite common. But what matters for corporates, the thing which matters is only a high performing, inclusive workforce where age, gender, race etc. do not matter. What is needed is a great leader who is communicative, confident, assertive and has the ability to take quick decisions to drive businesses.

Taking all of the above into account, what then is an employee’s take on diversity at the workplace? Would one prefer working with a male manager or female manager or not really bother about who one works with?

A Shine.com survey titled Male vs Female Manager threw up some interesting insights. When asked if they preferred to work with a male or a female manager, more than half (53%) said that gender did not really matter to them. Only 27% found it easy to work with male bosses and 20% felt that women employees were more comfortable working with women bosses.

Over 1,500 employees were interviewed for the Shine.com survey from across India. They were represented from all sectors and had work experience ranging from 0 to 20 years.

As many as 73% survey participants said that the personality of the leader was more important than his or her gender. It did not matter to them if their team head was a woman or a man. Only 19% said that the personality of a leader was not important to them and the remaining 8% were unsure.

Even where performance was concerned, 64% said that their boss’s gender did not affect the way

This report said that both men and women were effective spokespersons for their organizations. No data existed to prove that a woman could not work as well as a man, could not mentor others; or was not willing to take risks.