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October 16, 2019
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Seven weird prisons in the world

Prisons are a scary place to imagine living in but some prisons are really fun to live in. They offer the prisoners a royal living. They get TVs, they can roam around freely but according to the timetable. In some places even they can go for hunting. Here are the world’s craziest prisons.

Norway’s worst criminals go to an island prison where they are almost free to do as they wish. By international standards it is extremely minimum security but the prison has one of the lowest rates of re-offending in the world.

Although Alcatraz was one of the few US prisons with hot water showers, the only reason was to discourage inmates from trying to escape (the reasoning was that inmates used to hot showers would hate the cold water of the bay).

In Japan, prisoners on death row are not notified of their impending death until only a few hours before. Their families are only notified afterwards.

Some private prisons have realized that giving inmates TVs is a cheaper way to keep them calm than hiring more guards.

In Nuuk, Greenland, some prisoners have the keys to their own cells. They are also allowed to leave the prison to go to school and work. Some of them even go hunting.

Texas no longer offers a special last meal to death row inmates. Instead, they are given the same meal as everybody else.

Indiana State Prison started a program where prisoners are allowed to adopt a cat. It has been thought to improve their mood and lead to better rehabilitative results.