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September 20, 2019
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This is why Almond is best for your health

No nutritionist in the world would disagree that almond is in of the healthiest foods. Here are a few reasons for that,

Almonds are Rich in Good Fats

Almonds are packed with not just any fats, but monosaturated fats. This is the fat that is good to maintain an optimum heart health. However, polysaturated fats increase LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body.

Almonds Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Monosaturated fats are also known as good fats and found in olive oil as well. Several studies have proved that consumption of monosaturated fats reduces risk of heart disease. Similarly, carbohydrates can also be replaced by monosaturated fats for risk reduction by 30 percent. In addition to cholesterol lowering effects of almonds, another way it can reduce heart disease is by its antioxidant action. Almond owes its antioxidant effect to Vitamin E.

Almonds are loaded with Minerals

Almond is also rich in essential minerals including magnesium and potassium. Both of which are great for heart health especially for people suffering with hypertension.

Almonds for Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Potassium is a mineral that plays an important role in nerve transmission and muscle contraction including cardiac muscles. Almonds provide your body with 162 mg of potassium which helps protect against high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

Almonds Help Lose Weight

Although rich in fats, almonds can help reduce weight even in obese patients. international Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders published a report that proved that people who consumed almonds daily for six months had significant reduction in BMI, waist circumference and body fats as compared to those who ate low calorie carbohydrate diet.