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November 22, 2019
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Interesting facts about Middle East

Middle East is quite famous in this world due to its geographical importance and its uniqueness. Here are a few interesting facts about this region.

Only 25% of all the workforce in the Arab world is represented by women

McDonald’s restaurants of many Middle Eastern offer McArabia to customers. Pick the one with chicken or grilled kofta.

Many Arab women suffer from depression – it’s the main cause of their illnesses. The most affected age ranges between 15 and 49.

Almost half of Arab girls do not have cellphones. It is 84 million women across the region. The cheaper gadgets and billing plans could help.

The UAE has a lower crime rate than in many most civilized countries like Great Britain, Australia, the USA, Canada, and New Zealand. Even pickpocketing is comparatively low according to the statistics. However normal precautions should be taken by travelers in the UAE.

Almost 90% of UAE population are immigrants. Luckily it is one of the most tolerating countries in the world and it’s rather comfortable to live there no matter what sex, beliefs and state of mind you have.

Perhaps Abu Dhabi has the greenest building in the world. The building is like a city with no cars and no carbon emissions at all, but with a university that specializes in green technologies.

Gaza people love KFC more than you do. They even take a serious risk and smuggle it past the Egyptian soldiers through tunnels from Egypt.

The most terrifying terrorist attack in Dubai was not organized by al Qaeda. It was arranged by Omani communists in 1961. It killed 238 people then.

In Lebanon you may enjoy both seasons on the same day. Skiing in the morning and lying on a beach in the afternoon, where else is it possible?