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November 15, 2019
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Seven healthy eating choices that does not require dieting

Here are the eating choices that would keep you satiated and are also healthy,

Eat more home-cooked food

The ultimate benefit of eating home-cooked food is that you know exactly what’s going in your food, since you are the one preparing it. This makes sure that you are getting the proper nutritional value of the foods without the excess sodium or the sugar found in the canned variants.

Choose whole grains, load up on fiber

“The only two grains that we have feeding our bodies are wheat and rice; we should try and experiment with different whole grains because it’s important to give your body the variety of macro nutrients that it needs, which can be found in grains like ragi and bajra.

Eat more protein

You should aim to satisfy between ten to 35 percent of your daily calorific needs through proteins. Consumption of protein helps in the building of muscle and provides energy that lasts throughout the day. Some rich sources of protein include eggs, lentils, fish, soy, tofu, beans etc.

Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits

Focus on eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day as the different colored fruits and vegetables contain different concentrations of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, all of which are essential and beneficial for the body.

Cut back on salt

Anything consumed in excess is harmful for the body and so is the case with salt. Even though we need salt in moderation, excess consumption of salt can lead to a variety of health problems including elevated blood pressure and osteoporosis

Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet

Apart from adding empty calories to your diet, the sugar present in the processed foods that we consume today not only leads to weight problems but too much sugar can cause energy spikes which have been linked to diabetes and depression. Cut down on sweet snacks like candy, chocolates and cakes.

Don’t skip breakfast

Considered by many as the “most important meal of the day”, eating breakfast, even if it’s a small breakfast shouldn’t be avoided. Eating breakfast gets your metabolism going and keeps it active throughout the morning.