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September 21, 2019
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Eight interesting facts about ‘Gandassa’ King

MULTAN- 20th death anniversary of the man who won the title of ‘Sultan’ is being celebrated in the time when his land’s film industry is on the bank on the rim of survival.

We have articulated eight interesting facts about the life of Sultan Rahi on this occasion.

Sultan Rahi was born in Indian state, Uttar Pradesh in 1938. After partition he came to Pakistan.

After coming to Pakistan, he adopted residence in the largest populated Province, Punjab’s district Gujranwala.

He held the status as an important name in the Film industry for 25 years.

He was famous for his barhak, and gandassa, which he used to stop heavy trucks.

He is one of those famous persons who are present in the list of international awards as well as Guinness World Records.

Sultan Rahi got fame from his movies released in 70s.

The Gundasa king worked in more than 750 Urdu and Punjabi films.

After becoming one of the most popular actor of Pakistan’s film industry got slain by some unidentified persons in January 1970.