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September 19, 2019
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Beware! You can be the victim of Digital Memory Loss

Beware! You can be the victim of Digital Memory Loss| TheNewsTribe.com

Digital memory loss or digital amnesia is a new term and new condition arose due to frequent mobile and internet usage. Your mobile phone addiction and 24/7 access to the internet is compromising your ability to remember the simplest of facts, leading to memory loss.

Five signs you have digital amnesia

– You store all your data on your phone, laptop or other technological devices.

– You spend an excessive amount of time with digital media instead of indulging in other activities.

– You are socially alienated. You rely on online networking sites to communicate with others. This makes you awkward when you interact face-to-face.

– There is a decline in productivity. If you observe an adverse impact on your work, in terms of forgetfulness, unfinished tasks, forgotten responsibilities, etc., it’s time to check your gadget use.

– You are unable to imagine a technology-free zone i.e. a few hours of the day without the phone, laptop, tablet, a Wi-Fi connection or any other form of technology drives you up the wall.

How to prevent it

Don’t let technology become a source of stress: While it’s meant to ease our lives, technology can overwhelm many people with the constant changes and increasing demands.

Make smart choices: Use the internet to help with your work, maintain connectivity and keep yourself updated with the latest in the world. At the same time, don’t use it to kill time, view distasteful content or intrude on someone else’s personal space.

Don’t replace real relationships with digital ones: We spend too much time maintaining superficial connections online that we hardly have time to cultivating real-life bonds. Learn to strike a balance.