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September 23, 2019
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Remarkable facts about North Korea

Remarkable facts about North Korea| TheNewsTribe.com

We do not know much about North Korea, it is some other place for us. Sitting on the east coast of China, it is the only kingdom in that region. The most we have heard about this place gives us a rouge image, but it contains some hilarious as well as some interesting customs as well.

Here are a few of these,

North Korea has its own time zone. North Korea bases its calendar on Kim Il-Sung’s date of birth: 15 April 1912. So, it is 103 there, not 2016.

Elections are held there every five years but guess what? There is only one option on the ballots. Quite a democratic nation, eh?

It holds the world’s largest stadium. The Rungnado May Day stadium has more than 150,000 seats and houses the extravagant Mass Games.

North Korea has a strange punishment rule, the three generations punishment rule. If one person violates a law or is sent to prison camp, it affects their whole family. Grandparents, parents, and children of the violator are sent to work with them.

There are only three TV channels. Two of which are only available on weekends, while the other is broadcast in the evenings. Because of this, South Korean soap operas are among the most popular items smuggled in.

Technically, it is not a communist nation. North Korea claims to operate under the “Juche” ideology, or “rejecting dependence on others, using one’s own brains, and believing in one’s own strength,” according to Kim Il-Sung.

There are 28 state-approved haircuts.

According to Time, “Women are allowed to choose one of 14 styles; married women are instructed to keep their tresses short, while the single ladies are allowed let loose with longer, curlier locks.”

Men are “prohibited from growing their hair longer than 5 cm — less than 2 inches — while older men can get away with up to 7 cm (3 inches).”