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October 18, 2019
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This story of Salman Khan’s childhood will leave you in tears

This story of Salman Khan’s childhood will leave you in tears| TheNewsTribe.com

MUMBAI- The man who now rules Bollywood was not born with a silver spoon. The life he enjoys today was foreign to him when he was a child. Reminiscing an event from his childhood, he had tears in his eyes.

According to the Indian media, On ‘Bigg Boss 9,’ the Dabangg Khan recently shared one of his childhood memories with contestants. It was a task wherein all the contestants had to share one memory from their childhood and Salman himself participated in this task.

He said that he was once punished by his teacher for not paying the school fees. Yes, Salman’s teacher made him kneel down as a punishment for not paying the school fees on time. Till, here it was funny but, what followed this was a touching one.

Salman further revealed that when his father Salim Khan got to know that his son was punished for not paying the fees, he went up to the teacher and asked the teacher punish him and not his son as he considered that it was his mistake and not Salman’s.

A very emotional moment indeed, Salman had few drops of tears in his eyes while revealing this. Surely a heartfelt moment shared by Salman and his father Salim khan.