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September 20, 2019
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Seven things that took social media by storm in 2015

Seven things that took social media by storm in 2015| TheNewsTribe.com

2015 is marked by several events, breakthroughs like selfies etc. Here is a look at few events that made a lot of hullabaloo at social media.

Deepika Padukone makes her choice

In April, Deepika’s My Choice video left us all a bit confused. Does empowerment involves cheating on your husband or becoming a homo? Or feminism is about something else? Her video was not even acceptable for feminists neither was it for conservatives obviously. Even the B-town remained divided on it.

Ahmed’s clock ticks off USA

Black Muslim 14-year-old boy, in NASA T-shirt and glasses, took a homemade clock to class and got arrested for bringing a bomb to school. Support poured in from across the world for the poor guy.

Search engines gave us the news

Google’s ‘Year in Search’ revealed the top search queries for 2015, the Paris attacks, Adele’s new album and the Oscars.

NASA found water on Mars

Now you can have a plot on red planet.

Baby Watching

Princess Charlotte and Saint West were furiously discussed, christened and criticized even before they were born. 2015 showed how tasteless public speculation can be. We don’t need details about every star kid’s life.

The (Non) Word Of The Year

The ‘tears of laughter’ emoji became our most trusted textual shorthand. Which makes you wonder, was 2015 really all that funny?


This clever app let you lip-sync to your favorite song, and record a video for the amusement of others. Hilarious for the first two days, murderously annoying in the weeks after.