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November 13, 2019
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Six ways sunshine is good for your health

Six ways sunshine is good for your health| TheNewsTribe.com

We prefer to remain indoors in the present time, all thanks to modern lifestyle. Many of us fancy to shun the sunlight without realizing that we are shunting the many benefits of this disguised blessing away from us.

Here are a few benefits of sunlight that would make you love it.

Strengthens teeth

Sunshine can enhance your smile, studies claim. Over time, lack of Vitamin D can cause your gums to become inflamed and diseased. This means the tiny ligaments that attach your teeth to the surrounding bone become weak and you can lose teeth more easily.

Boosts eyesight

Although it’s wise to wear sunglasses on bright days to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, Vitamin D can preserve your eyesight too.

Prevents breast cancer

Vitamin D may reduce the risk of multiple cancer types, including breast cancer. The study of 6,500 women found that being exposed to sunlight for 21 hours a week significantly slashed the risk.

Fortifies medication

A Swedish study has shown that the body’s ability to break down medicines depends on the season. More sunlight means higher vitamin D levels, which improves the liver’s detoxification system. Some drugs then working better as a result.

Lowers blood pressure

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh found that only 20 minutes of sun makes your blood vessels release nitric oxide, the chemical that lowers blood pressure and which, in turn, helps reduce the risk of potentially fatal heart attacks, blood clots and strokes.

Recharges immunity

Sunshine can arm your immune system with the push it needs to fight bacteria and viruses. Scientists at the University of Copenhagen found Vitamin D to activate our body’s defenses. It transforms your T cells into ‘killer cells’, which seek out infections attacking your body.