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January 29, 2020
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‘Canned Air’ business in full swing

‘Canned Air’ business in full swing| TheNewsTribe.com

Quality of our atmosphere is worsening day by day. Pollution, greenhouse effect, carbon gases are making a mess out of the air we breathe in, and which is responsible for several health issue we have to face.

In these circumstances, the yearning for clean air is understandable. Due to the growing demand, and taking inspiration from the animated movie released in 2012, The Lorax which entails a company that sells bottled fresh air to the people of Thneedville, the fictitious town where the film is set, many smart dynamics started the business of clean air.

Here are few interesting facts regarding this breakthrough in corporate sector.

Fresh mountain air from Canada for sale in China

With China’s pollution levels continuing to rise, a Canadian company has decided to make the most of a bad situation by selling bottles of fresh mountain air.

Vitality Air is offering fresh air from two of Canada’s lakes, with a bottle of `premium oxygen’ costing between US$15.85 and 18.50 (`1,050 and `1,230). The company, which started operations in October, claims to have sold out its first batch of 500 bottles in just two months.

Chinese businessman sells Eight million Cans of fresh air in ten days

The popularity of Canada’s Vitality Air is nothing compared to the monumental success achieved by Chen Guangbiao, a Chinese multimillionaire, who sold eight million cans of fresh air in China in a ten-day period in February 2013. Each can costs roughly 80 cents (`53), and purportedly contained air from pristine areas of China like Xinjiang and Taiwan. As smog levels in Beijing and nearby areas rose to alarming levels, the sales of the cans soared too.

Pay extra to breathe clean air at a Chinese restaurant

Earlier this month, a restaurant in China’s Zhangjiagang city started adding a `clean air’ surcharge of one yuan per customer (`10) to the food bills, claiming that they were offering customers pollution-free air because of the air filtration machines they had installed.

Holiday memoirs: Air From your favorite city

Thanks to Czech artist Kirill Rudenko, you can take a whiff of the air from some of the most iconic cities around the world. Rudenko is selling cans of air gathered from various locations. Each can is priced at US$9.99 (`660) and lists the formula for the air contained inside, usually an amalgamation of air from major landmarks of a city in varying proportions. The cans contain advisories specific to that city.