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October 20, 2019
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Tips to pass CSS exams in 50 days

Tips to pass CSS exams in 50 days| TheNewsTribe.com

Now there is not much time left for CSS exams and period of panic has dawned. But, there is nothing to panic about as CSS exams require hard work as well as smart work. Being strategic in your preparation would enable you to pass the exams.

The first thing to do in this regard is to remind yourself that you can do it. Have confidence in your own self.

Regarding preparation for compulsory subjects, here is the go-no-go list.

English Essay

The most vital part here is Outline preparation. Once you have developed a strong outline, about 20 points shouldn’t be hard for you to write 3,000 words on it. Write and develop a few outlines on hot topics (Pakistan’s economic issues, women, Islam as a religion, global warming, and politics/democracy) and ensure you prepare only a maximum of 5 outlines. Also prepare quotes and events. There is no need to prepare full essay as you are running out of time already.

English Précis & Composition

Just prepare antonyms, synonyms, proverbs and idioms from the book of your choice. Also consult any book for solved précis of past papers.

General Science & Ability

First of all, acquire the solved papers of 10 years and also do research on the topics prescribed in the syllabus from any reliable site.

Current Affairs

For this exam, get the following

Quarterly Journal by Jahangir World Times

Jahangir World Times Magazine. Go through these and you are prepared. Also read the opinion/editorial part of Dawn Newspaper.

Pakistan Affairs

Read Ikram Rabbani’s book till Zia-ul-Haq tenure and prepare your own notes from the internet on agriculture, manufacturing, education and water crisis in Pakistan. Do solved exams and focus on MCQs. Also drink in everything about Sir Syed, Shah Walli Ullah, Pakistan movement, Ideology of Pakistan etc.


Get the following books,

Islamiat by Dogar Sons

Jahangir Exam Cram series.

Also do net surfing according to the topics in the syllabus. 10 years solved papers will be helpful as well. Give this subject a week’s time as it is difficult subject.