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October 17, 2019
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Few ways to fight infection

Few ways to fight infection| TheNewsTribe.com

Infection is a great problem these days. With the water stagnating in most places, and sewage overflowing, the risk of fungal and bacterial infections is high. Here are some basic tips you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle, to stay clean and healthy.

Moist and damp skin can lead to infections, rashes, skin discoloring and ringworms. To avoid this, always carry a dry towel. Make sure to use it from time to time to dry yourself.

Wear cotton clothes and preferably full-sleeved ones to avoid mosquito bites.

Make sure you use mosquito repellent cream at nights, and even when you step out.

Bathe twice a day and dry your hair, nails and the gaps between your fingers carefully.

Don’t forget to apply moisturizer at night, before you go to bed. This will help fight dry skin.

If you wear lenses or glasses, make sure you wipe them with a dry handkerchief before you use them.

Do not share items of personal use, such as makeup, kajal or eyeliner for a few days.

Use antibiotic eye drops in case of redness of eye or water discharge.

Avoid using contact lens for the next few days as that could also get you an eye infection.

Make sure you use your hair dryer regularly to dry your hair.

Always have anti-fungal cream, hand sanitizer, dusting powder, and lip balm handy.

Originally Published In Times Of India