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September 18, 2019
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Overcome stress in only eight minutes

Overcome stress in only eight minutes| TheNewsTribe.com

Whether it’s a tight deadline at work, planning a wedding, moving, challenges at home, or the upcoming holiday season, life can get pretty stressful.

Between the busyness, overwhelm, and lack of sleep, that tension begins to take its toll: Inflammation rises, the immune system gets battered, emotions are rocky, belly fat may accumulate, and digestion starts to go twisted.

Here are the five ways to overcome stress in just eight minutes

Take a break

When the phone’s buzzing, people are waiting, and things have to be done, the last thing you’re thinking about is taking a break. But it’s exactly what you need. Just a few moments of deep breathing, meditation, or yoga can help calm your racing mind, reduce stress, and re-energize you.

Optimize your workout

Don’t think you can get a workout done in less than eight minutes? Try Tabata-style high-intensity interval training: eight sets of 20 seconds of intense activity, each followed by 10 seconds rest. Repeat for one more round and you’ll have a challenging workout in only eight minutes. For the intense activity, go all out: Try burpees, mountain climbers, or jumping rope.

Pause for a cup of tea

The whole process of preparing and sipping a cup of tea takes just a few minutes, but it’s incredibly soothing.

Keep up your self-care practices

If you’re anything like me, self-care is the first thing to go when you’re stressed or excessively busy. But it’s one of the best ways to improve immune function, protect digestion and hormonal balance, and reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Take a walk outside

Walking is a great way to move your body, clear your head, get a fresh perspective, and reclaim the confidence and patience you need in tough situations. A few minutes outdoors, ideally in nature, can help you feel renewed and refreshed.

Originally Published In MindBodyGreen.