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December 6, 2019
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Eight mistakes people make while giving IELTS exam

Eight mistakes people make while giving their IELTS exam| TheNewsTribe.com

Do you know more than half of the students score below 7 bands in their International English Language Testing System?  

While applying for immigration or foreign universities, aspirants are too fussed with all the other processing, that they end up paying zero attention to their IELTS Exam, ending up with low scores and eventually, not getting accepted.

Here are the main reasons behind it,

The toughest part of giving your IELTS Exam comes in the ‘Listening’ part of it. The reason? You will only get one chance to hear the question.

If you miss out listening to even one word of the question, the whole context of the question changes and you end up lost.

Writing is also a very tough aspect of IELTS. The required standard doesn’t fit with majority of aspirants and they end up with 7 bands or below.

While reading, some aspirants face the trouble of pronunciation. A word that is not pronounced correctly leads to loss of marks.

Some aspirants of IELTS face difficulty when attempting the writing test, wasting space and running out of world limit without answering correctly.

Time limit is a major issue. As someone well said, time wasted is time lost. Most students end up running out of time and that affects their grades.

Another problem with most students is that they take the test for granted. Taking IELTS too lightly has never been a good omen.

Students also enter the exam without basic knowledge of the test format, which ends up confusing them and gives the result in lower bands.