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September 21, 2019
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Pakistani terror convict jailed for 40 years in US


NEW YORK: A 29-year-old Pakistani born Abid Naseer was jailed for 40 years in the United States on Tuesday for plotting to bomb a British shopping center with Al-Qaeda.

Abid Naseer has decided to appeal against the verdict of court in which he has been declared as a Terrorist.

According to details, Abid Naseer was first held in 2009 in Britain with 11 other men suspected of preparing to attack the mall in Manchester, and was extradited to the United States from Britain in 2013.

Judge Raymond Dearie told Naseer in the US federal court in Brooklyn. “You are not a typical criminal, You are a terrorist.”

It is pertinent to mention here that Naseer was convicted in March of helping Al-Qaeda leaders in Pakistan plan the Manchester attack as part of a plot that would also target the New York subway and a Danish newspaper.

A US panel found him guilty of providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization, conspiring to provide material support to Al-Qaeda and with conspiring to use a destructive device.

Judge Raymond said that could not understand how an intelligent young man, who had been a “champion cricket player” with a good life from a privileged and loving family could turn to terrorism.

“I do hope that you return to the path of learning and education,” he told the defendant. “That’s the only hope.”