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September 16, 2019
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Three body gestures which give wrong message

Three body gestures which give wrong message| TheNewsTribe.com

Body language is a nonverbal conversation. But unconsciously, one can convey many nonverbal messages without intending or even realizing.

Here are a few common mistakes we make while sitting in a meeting or else.

Gazing over your glass

Whenever you peer over someone, you are supposed to be giving a critical gesture. That means you have given a comment of criticism. So, if you do not intend so, take off your glasses or push them up onto your head in order to avoid communicating a wrong message.

Fiddling with your hair

Whenever we get nervous, we’re all guilty of touching our hair. Just be mindful about doing this mid-conversation. Our eyes naturally follow objects in motion. Every time you touch your hair, you distract the person you’re speaking to. Worse still, that teasing, twirling, and flipping might come off as anxious behavior. Even if you are not doing out of anxiety, still it gives a wrong message and undermines your confidence.

Rubbing your lips

A fresh coat of balm usually calls for mashing your lips together. Just be aware that you may be sending a different message. According to the experts, a lip purse is what people typically do when they are trying to withhold or cover information. We do this subconsciously as if our brain is telling our lips, ‘Don’t say anything! Keep them shut. Try not to purse your lips when having an important conversation with a colleague, boss, or friend. It can make them think you are holding back.