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November 14, 2019
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Eight alternatives for words we use excessively

Eight alternatives for words we use too much| TheNewsTribe.com

We, Pakistanis are adept at inventing new things and at going out of the box especially when it comes to English. Not only inventing new things, we are skilled at associating new meanings to original words. Enjoy reading these words which we have been using too much.

Here is the list of few words we use in excess and which should be substituted now.


Crazy have been used ‘crazily’. It’s time to give way to a new word. Basically, it is used to describe something out of the ordinary. The substitute word is Enjoyable.


This word is used in almost every context. It should be replaced by ‘unfluctuating standard’.


We hear this so much that it’s literally starting to irritate now. It should be replaced by ‘affirmed’.


Cool folks do not say cool anymore. It has been used to death now. The word that should be used instead is ‘understandable’.


This is the worst word you can use. It should be ‘well adapted’ now.


‘This word has its scene off now. It should be ‘situation’ now.


Best movie ever, best thing ever, it has become a cliché now. So we should move on to ‘outstanding’.


Lastly, this is a word we are all guilty of using way too much. (Because it’s just awesome)

The word used instead should be ‘extraordinary’.