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October 20, 2019
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Brisk walk or running, which one is better?

Brisk walk or running, which one is better? | TheNewsTribe.com

You have heard a lot about physical activities being necessary for health. But which one should you adopt, workout, brisk walk or running?

Answer has been given by a new study, which claims brisk walk is better than running and workout.

Though, brisk walk does not lead to intense burning yet it wakes up even the tiniest muscles and does not put much strain on the joints. It lowers the BMI and the risk of Type II diabetes as well as heart disease.

Regarding running, studies maintain that: “Today, people as young as 20 are getting heart attacks on the treadmill. Also, having low endurance levels and being unprepared can be detrimental to the heart.” Furthermore, Running is more tiring than you realize. It also increases the risk for joint injuries and can stress the body.

Even for workout, studies do not establish much positive results. A brisk stroll is better than a workout. Scientists found 30 minutes of ‘high impact’ walking is more effective for fighting the flab than the same time spent on doing weights and pounding the treadmill. Dr Grace Lordan, who led a study on this, compared exercises that raise the heart rate and cause sweating such as brisk walking, swimming, cycling, gym workouts, dancing, running, jogging, football and squash.

And the study found that those who did a half-hour stroll had lowest body mass index and smaller waists. He said, “We show that individuals who walk at a brisk or fast pace are more likely to have a lower weight when compared to individuals doing other activities.”