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August 24, 2019
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Three easy ways to handle criticism

Three easy ways to handle criticism| TheNewsTribe.com

Criticism is the thing most of us cannot handle, nor do we tolerate it. Most of us are not groomed to gracefully handle personal or professional criticism. Its natural, your behavior, your work is part of your identity and when someone points it out or tell you to change definitely you would not like it. But do handle it decently.

Here are a few ways to handle criticism,

Never say, ‘I know’

Never say “I know” in response to criticism. You obviously don’t. Hearing this phrase will instantly put your critic on the defensive and turn what could have been a productive, civil dialogue into an argument.

Don’t get paranoid

Feeling like everyone is against you when you’re being criticized is so normal. In your head, you probably feel like the critic thinks you’re either emotionally or professionally incompetent. But in reality, they’re offering an opinion because they want you to stick around and improve. So, be calm.

Don’t apologize

Saying you’re sorry is unnecessary unless the situation absolutely calls for an apology (like if you’ve hurt someone’s feelings). If your boss suggests that you start proofreading your reports before sending them out because the last few have had multiple grammar mistakes, the knee-jerk reaction is to say you’re sorry. When it comes to discussing points of improvement, especially in the workplace, “I’m sorry” usually falls flat and makes you seem indecisive and hesitant.