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September 17, 2019
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Three ‘Helpful’ comments which can make things worse

Three ‘Helpful’ comments which can make things worse| TheNewsTribe.com

Silence is gold, you may have heard this notion. Are you the one who is always attempting to solace someone who is in the state of depression or helplessness? If so, do the poor soul a favor, leave him or her alone. Do not give your precious advices to him. Keep them with yourself. They can make the situation worse.

Here are a few solaces we offer and which make the situation intense.

You are depressed? Cheer up

Telling an unhappy person to cheer up can have the unintended effect of making them even more miserable. After all, if they could get out of their mood, they would have. Just listening to what that person is going through and saying something like, ‘Wow, that must be hard,’ gives them justification.

You got displaced? Are you enjoying the free time?

Chances are rather than enjoying the free time, your friend may be worrying over mounting bills, how to find that next job, and grappling with humiliation. If you’re still dead set on saying something, make sure it’s also not, “Everything happens for a reasons.” Only deliver this loaded cliché after your friend has landed a new job. So what should you say to your unemployed friend? How about, “Let’s go for a walk or a dinner.” Anything to make him forget they’re jobless for even a little bit.

You are on diet? You don’t look that big

Compliments are always welcome, unless it comes off as humorous. If someone feels they need to lose weight, chances are they do.