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August 25, 2019
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Four magical words that can get you what you want

Four magical words that can get you what you want| TheNewsTribe.com

She is a nice, polite and cooperative person but meets a problem when it comes to persuade others. This is really a problem whether you are a boss, a client or even a sibling or parent. Getting things done from other is an art which comprises majorly on what you speak and how you speak.

Word choice plays a huge role in persuasion, and here are a few magical words that are a way to go.


Logical thinkers (and, children) seek a cause-and-effect relationship between everything that happens; our minds crave order and answers. Using the word “because” satisfies this craving, and can also create empathy.


The entire online shopping industry is predicated on the human brain’s desire for immediate results, and its relaxed impulse control when a desired outcome (say, reading the new James Patterson thriller) is offered quickly, and easily. Letting people know they can have something “instantly” bridges the gap between desire and satisfaction, removing time to reconsider the consequences.


Which phrase makes you feel more comfortable: “All sales final,” or “Money-back guarantee”? We guarantee you everyone went with the latter option. Life is unpredictable, and people want security. A “guarantee” alleviates the stress of making a risky decision, insuring an investment is proven to pay offer, at the very least, can be repaid if satisfaction isn’t met.


In a Yale study, “You” ranked as the number one, most influential power word in English. Think about it: before making any purchase or decision, you first consider how it will impact your life. Most marketers try to do this for you, framing their product in terms of your needs, your desires, and your emotions. “You” shows empathy, which is necessary to convince someone that what you want and what they want are mutually beneficial. In fact, the only way to boost the power of “you” is to replace it with your audience’s actual name.