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August 25, 2019
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Eight reasons why students fail in CSS

Eight reasons why students fail in CSS| TheNewsTribe.com

The recently announced result of Central Superior Services has washed down many people’s wishes and dreams. It happens every year the result is announced, ensuing the confusion of what to do next. Some people give it up as hopeless case and some get more determined. But the question arises here that why it is such an uphill battle.

No doubt it is one of the toughest exams our country holds, but still it is not a trek on K2. There is something you may be lagging behind. Here are a few reasons most students fail the competitive examination.

In order for passing the written exam, you don’t just need to clear all exams. You also need a combined total average of 50%. So, keep it in mind while making your exam strategy.

One subject in particular, is 10 times harder than the rest combined which is the English Essay. We take it too easy and end up failing the whole exam.

When giving their CSS exams, most people don’t realize the fact that even if you fail one paper, you fail the entire exam.

Most of the students think that CSS is a piece of cake, they’ll give a few months of proper studying and there it is, life made.

Students think that studying through Officers Academy notes will help them pass the exam. They are sadly mistaken here.

Some students think going to these academies will help clear their exam easily. Wrong again, academies usually tend to waste precious time.

As the exams get closer and closer, some people mess up their time management.  They think they are on track but every minute gone is a minute wasted.

When it’s exam time, some students just cannot cope with the tough exam schedule. 3 papers in one day, all the biggest tests of your life. Stressing much?